Trip to Wa'l Ma'rt

While in Hawai'i, I discovered the ninth island. The island of Wa'l Ma'rt. January 21, 2004

Lawst in Bawston

I was looking for Freedom Trail, but I found a whole lot more. The only problem: I was lost in Boston. Mar. 26, 2001

I love NY

On my first trip to New York I quickly became immersed. I saw a ton, I did a ton, and I left in love with New York. Mar. 9, 2001

Mustache Day

Wearing a mustache is like saying, "hey, I'm probably cooler than I look." Mustache Day is about being uncool together and thusly becoming cool... maybe. Apr. 23, 2003

Bowlers Unite

Don't believe bowling is the utmost American thing to do? Let me prove it. Aug. 5, 2003

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