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Open Letter

This is your chance to rant or rave. Mostly, people rant. Write an open letter and speak your mind.

Outrageous Claims

Richard Gere invented yoga, or other outrageous claims can be written and read.

457 Haikus

Like a haiku / but the syllables / per line are four-five-seven.

Be like me

How much are you like me? Answer some questions to find out.

Mustache Memory

After Mustache Day (chronicled here), we needed a way to remember the day and the mustaches. This old fashioned memory game seemed a good way.

NASCAR President

Did someone try to kill a president... or did they drive their car into a wall? Find out in NASCAR President.

Today's Arts

Every day I grab the top arts and entertainment stories from the Washington Post. Then I mix 'em up and let you guess the category. Try it out in Today's Arts.

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