457 haikus

Jerry claimed:
Wasting class time, / I write my haikus. / Avoid E-Fields like the plague.

Adam claimed:
Things look the same / But different, too / Makes you want to say, "Oh Snarf!"

Michael claimed:
My eyes are hurt Ephemeral maddness Postulate simple days past

Adam claimed:
Site has new look / This is it for now / Next step: adding more content

straighttalk claimed:
duvander man your web site is lame when are more updates coming?

adam claimed:
my names adam//// i like to suck rooster//// i just want to suck some rooster

JMAC claimed:
I'm in Japan. I work for the man. I guess you do what you can.

Chazman claimed:
Playoffs are here Packers Lose Again I shall cry for days and days

Adam claimed:
School assignments / Haikus on Web site / I just don't understand it

evie claimed:
my teach is making me do this for english class, i am really bored

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