outrageous claims

Sometimes people claim something is true and it obviously isn't. I encourage this. Check out the latest Outrageous Claims and be sure to add your own.

jerry claimed:
To survive a plan crash, make sure you have sent your résumé six to eight weeks beforehand. Allow two weeks to marinate. Check often.

Snakeman claimed:
In order to survive a plan crash jump as high as you can at the exact second of impact then you will land gently on your feet (the same applies when in a falling elevator)

steven claimed:
I invented the question mark

Steven claimed:
I invented this website

Snowy claimed:
I invented gravity

bart claimed:
have you ever sharted at work?

booboo claimed:
your balls smell remarkably like my anus, jiminy!

Jiminy Christmas claimed:
My balls are really really sweaty!!

easter bunny claimed:
Paul's mother blew me last night.

Paul claimed:
I knew Frank Sinatra AFTER he was famous.

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