adam quiz

How much are you like me? Answer the questions below, click Calculate, and find out. (top scores)

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CLEARI like watching and playing most sports

CLEARI like to hike

CLEARI like to bike


CLEARI don't like board games, card games, or puzzles

CLEARI get very involved in what I do

CLEARI love doing nothing


CLEARI love going to bed early

CLEARI hate sleeping in

CLEARI need to stay on schedule


CLEARI hate every aspect of flying

CLEARI could travel all the time

CLEARI like the larger destinations more than the smaller


CLEARI'm a technology snob

CLEARI always have the newest thing

CLEARThe Internet changed my life


CLEARI'm a picky pizza eater

CLEARI love coffee

CLEARAll I need are fruits, veggies, and beans

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