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An open letter to Whoever can bring hope

Dear Whoever can bring hope,

We are looking for hope from strangers to help us get through the diaster that is destroying my hhusband and I. You see I had two major surgerys and got laid off. My husband could manage everything until the IRS placed a tax lien on us garnished his check and placed us deep, deep, into debt. We have lost everything. We are just looking for donations to pay off the IRS in order to be able to survive. We have no problem working but it's immpossible to catch up, our hope is getting dimmer. We owe $50,000 if 20,000 people would donate $2.00 or $3.00 it would help us to repair our ability to live and restore the hope that we are losing. If you will help or could help please contact me at Thank you in advance.



efgh says...
So, your tax evasion got you into hot water? Maybe you should try paying your taxes next time.

dmb67 says...
If you're so sincere...why couldn't you even leave your full name. My husband and I pay taxes in EVERY year instead of getting a return...and we PAY it. Life sucks...and hope and don't have anything to do with it...the only thing we have to do in this life is die and pay taxes! Anyway...typically you don't get $50,000 in debt with the IRS unless you are being dishonest about something. I doubt you will get much response to your plea unless some sucker happens to read

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