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An open letter to cafeteria workers who are causing me to starve

Dear cafeteria workers who are causing me to starve,

it is unacceptable to be closed at 7 on a friday night at a college campus. I just woke up from my fricken nap and was feeling a little hungry so i wonder to the caf. BUT NO FOOD FOR ME. no there is no fook on the entire campus for me now that it is past 7. SEVEN. WHO EATS BEFORE SEVEN? I don't noone does. I am going to starve and i blamb you... you are the fudgein devil

a much smaller version of myself


lmnop says...
Sounds like they did you a favor, you're probably fat anyway. I'm crying for you...sleeping all day and not having food waiting when you wake up. Good luck in the real world.

Ky says...
You are in college and that is how you write? Pfft, I'm in Middle School and I can write better then you. Good luck passing.

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