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An open letter to Jackie

Dear Jackie,

This is Jefferson 1, and well we just don't like you. At first you didn't really interest us. Of course there was the occasional whiff of weed as you walked by, but no one really seemed to care whether or not you were around. It wasn't often that you would GRACE us with your prescence anyway. Then all of a sudden there was talk of you moving out, and there was an uproar of happiness and joy surrounding the floor, but as most happy moments do the joy surpassed and ALAS! you changed your frickin mind. Something about handicapps and stairs, you are so fricking rude---who uses those kinds of things as an excuse? Do you even have a heart?? No we don't want your frickin carpet!!! So keep your shootty carpet and the room that YOU picked!!! God! We don't want it anyways, not after all the sex you had in there with Michael Jackson! So you got your room, but ooohhhh that wasn't enough for you was it??? You have to have it RIGHT NOW, so you lock your frickin roommate out. Yes, she STILL is your roommate. So you thought we would just sit by and let this madness continue, well you thought wrong missy. We are kelly's friends, ever here of those, yeah that's right friends, and we aren't going to watch this selfishness go on any longer. So yeah we are going to fudgein bud in, stick our two cents in, whatever you want to call it. You are, WERE, and will always be ANAL. You didn't need lindsey to tell you that, i'm sure many a people have mentioned this flaw numerous times to you. Don't take it out on lindsey just because none of us like you, she's right you are a BITCH, and just so you know the name is HUNT not flower. You really don't know anyone on the floor. So take our advice, stop calling your daddy crying, stop being ANAL, and take a fricking hint. If you don't like any of us, then MOVE THE fudge OUT!!!! Oh wait you can't you have arthritis, forgot about that...

The Girlz of Jeff 1

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