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An open letter to Women

Dear Women,

I apologize for being good looking. I'm sorry I was raised in a quasi sexist house where I grew up seeing women as inferior mentally and physically. You're never going to change that, so SHUT THE fudge UP. Stop giving me pointers on how to be a "better person," how to be more "sensitive," or how to do anything else. I'd also like to apologize to any girl I've ever dated, because they all seem to have wasted a lot of their time trying to change me into a 'better person.' Come on, you know the saying, "women always try to change their men, and when they've accomplished it they always try to change them back." We got together because I am the way I am, why try to change it? I'll always be the same coarse, vulgar, asshole who you fell in love with because I'm a coarse, vulgar asshole whose read more than almost anyone you know and can talk about subjects at length you've never heard of. So stop trying to change me. Oh, yeah, and I hate all of your friends (this is still to women in general)



wxyz says...
Glad to know that you see your shortcomings and refues to do anything to change them. I hope all of your future girlfriends refuse to give you anything but the missionary position cause "they grew up in a conservative household."

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