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An open letter to Gay Ass

Dear Gay Ass,

Are you a woman trapped in a man's body? Do you sometimes wish you had a vagina rather than a weenis? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, you didn't surprise a single goddamn one of us. Your cute little maroon scarf I think sets it all off. For starters, since when are scarves 5 inches long? It looks more like a napkin, but the little tassles are really cute though. I think you should take it back to JC Penney and get your hard earned $5.99 for it. Everyone is pretty much sick of seeing you at work. Will you just quit already? I know the holidays are coming up, which is all the more reason to get your ass out of our office. People are more generous at Christmastime, so I am sure you can beg for change on a street corner somewhere. Your hair makes you look homeless anyway... that and your flannels.

Disgruntled Me


ralf says...
What's your point?

jerry says...
I am a Gay person and I am quite offended by this

matt says...
Well Jerry, go be gay in a corner somewhere...because we don't give a fudge...

one persons opinion says...
Good Lord, What AREN'T the homosexuals offended by?

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