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An open letter to Hunters

Dear Hunters,

I can not believe that you have the audacity to refer to your sick hobby as a sport! Waiting in a tree with a rifle for a nearly blind and helpless animal to wander by hardly qualifies as sporting. Take off your camoflauge and give the deer a weapon and then we might have a sport. Duck hunting is even worse. Apparently the three steps are as follows: 1) plant fake ducks in a body of water 2)hide in the weeds and make fake noises and 3) blow the animal away as he flies overhead. Congratulations dude, YOU TRICKED'EM. You make me sick.



Sean says...
1) Have you ever hunted in your life? 2) Why is it sick? Every other species on this earth does it in one manner or another. 3) Why can't it be a sport? Why should it be 'fair' to the Animal? After all, we DO want to eat the animal. (and those of us who don't are simply excercising something called survival of the fittest)

Sean says...
Correction: MANY other species, not every. Obviously there are plants and there are herbevores.

defg says...
Hey Sean, Lets abandon doobie in the wild for a while and see how many inventive ways he/she devises to get food.

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