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An open letter to Keesh

Dear Keesh,

Did you know when he was with you he imagined it was me? Did you know what went on behind your back? Did you know you were constantly laughed at behind your back? Did you know when you said cruel things to me it made me stronger? Did you know how much I laughed when you threw petty comments my way? Did you know he never resisted me when you were not around? Did you know that he was never "yours" to begin with? Did you know how clueless you were? Did you know that I looked forward to taunting you day after day? Did you know what was going on when he was "busy?" Did you know I was always in his heart and on his mind? Did you know that his lips were never far from mine? Did you know that when you were not with him, I was with him? Did you know that when our eyes met it was like making love with our eyes? Did you know any of these things? Did you know?



K. says...
That's what you think. Where is he now?

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