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An open letter to ex-friend

Dear ex-friend,

i had your back when you said you had mine. Then i fell. i was left and lost never to be found then i found hope to move on from you. you said we'd be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER well....... THAT WAS A LIE. you probally would have left me to die. now now dont worry i wont cry wont even shed a tear. but i swear on YOUR life this is the last from me you will hear.

Your EX-BEST FRIEND!:)have a great day


lolu says...
wat dat was 2222222222222 much.take it easy girlfriend,life is too gud to bee real.

rebecca says...
haha i'm in a situation just like this.gahh it sucks.

Adil says...
Adil from Morocco says : ... I have just lived the same situation with an ex-friend, sister, teacher ... But it is out of our will. This is life where we can't find the absolute happiness. All what we have to do is to be patient as much as we can and always be prépared for the shocks of this cruel World.

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