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An open letter to George 'Dubbya' Bush

Dear George 'Dubbya' Bush,

Stop playing war games on your X box and get out more. Then you might see that the rest of the World does not want you to take them over. My your own business and that of America's by looking after America and its people back home.

By the way, Tony Blair doesn't really like you, it's jus that he has no one else to call a friend! He doesn't get out much either you know!

Don Hastie


uvwx says...
Don, People in this great country of ours are granted many freedoms that are taken for granted. One being that you can make a career of video games. Being a american myself, I try to take advantage of as many of these freedoms as possible. As for Tony Blair. I know that he is a good friend who values my intellectuicity. When it is time to load up and head out after the axis of evil, he's riding shotgun. -W

ra says...
when people say 'this great country of ours' then you just know they're American. What a silly figure of speech because clearly it's not a great country and clearly the people aren't free at all.

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