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An open letter to Cop-out line user,

Dear Cop-out line user,,

Thanx for using the most used and worn out cop-out line of all time. "I love you, but i am just not IN love with you," is as old as the dirt clinging to your sluty soul. This is not a reason to end a relationship, this is only a reason not to give a reason...You disrespected me and made a mockery of our relationship and then you have the nerve to add one more insult to the injury and use a fudgeed up lame ass cop-out line...fudge YOU!

Kelli, i know you fudgeed Johnathan from Arkansas, i know that is the real reason...the fact that you didn't even really love me to begin with, and you lead me on playing me for a damn fool....that was fudgeing sicking as well, your kind has no heart...and you are a cancer on society...woman want to know why there isn't any so-called good and nice guys left...BITCHES LIKE YOU ARE KILLING US, that's why. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you again for taking the cowardly way out and being just another Cop-out line user...may Johnathan give you all the thing i never did, like a really groos and horrible STD!

Joshua Scharfenber


Dave Thomas says...
Fudge, fudge, fudge. Please watch your language, ya fudgein' asshole.

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