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An open letter to Males

Dear Males,

The letter you wrote to females clearly explains why most of you men are pathetic. You have nothing to live for except sex, and you have no goals in life and do not put forth any effort to make a relationship the best it can be. I could go on but my computer doesn't have enough bites to allow me to do so. Thanks!!



kyleigh says...
i have offically posted more than ne one on this site and im only 13 hahaaahaha lemme stop well yeah men are just like that and women rulleee the world hehe ---- ky

fass teddy says...
we know were ignorant, clueless fudges. without us what would you women do? whay would you shop for those slutty clothes? who would you have to bitch about? be glad you have us men, and lay off of us when we try to put it in your ass when we're drunk, its there staring at us, just asking for it.

justmyopinion says...
fass teddy....your species is nearly in danger of extinction. Why can't you do something to help speed that along?

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