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An open letter to kyleigh eubanks

Dear kyleigh eubanks,

#1 you are only 13... #2 you don't know what it feels like to be the person (s) to decide on someones fate... it is not as easy as "ok you can live" or "okay you die"..... and they are suffering more my living than they are by dieing... they don't have it that easy.

Judge J


kyleigh says...
yea im only 13.. but who cares i have a say in this also and this is a FREE site and i can post anything i want on here and you cant stop me and i sure hope you live in...TEXAS coz jus like ron white sed... texas is putting in an express lane that says if more than 3 people saw what you did u aint gonna sit on death row for 15 years your going to the front of the line not sincerely, kyleigh

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