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An open letter to Pete Rose

Dear Pete Rose,

Dear Pete Rose,

Congratulations, you have won the Douche-Bag du Jour award! Shortly you will receive a certificate suitable for framing. No, you may not sell signed copies of this on your website for $100, but you can certainly add this to your list of accomplishments!

It was no contest, really: You bet on the game of baseball and then lied about it for 15 years. You show no remorse or regret. You have served to overshadow the biggest moments of two respectable players as they enter the Hall. I look forward to the Veteran's Committee voting you down for entrance into this sacred shrine of the best game on earth.

But keep your chin up, Mr. Rose! You can always take pride in knowing that you are a true DOUCHE.



Pete Rose says...
Wow, this is so...unexpected. I'd like to thank the academy, and my agent.

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