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An open letter to Kyleigh Eubanks

Dear Kyleigh Eubanks,

First of all, you dont really know what goes on in that jail. Do u think they'll even suffer at all if they just die or be sentenced to death right away? I havent been in jail, but i think that being in there, with no connections to how the outside world is already enough, maybe even better, for them to realize what they have done? If you let them die right away, they just die - No guilt-trip, consience, and realizations runnning through their heads anymore.

24 y/o pre-forensic student


kyleigh says...
ok look i dunt noe what its like 2 b n jail but i think if sum1 kills and other person they should not b n jail evn for a day they should go strait to hell for all i care and no they wouldnt die without knowing what they did. they would know because the judge would tell them what they did then kill them. see i know more than sum people not pointin any fingers. 13 yearold gurl

TonyGuitar says...
Miss Kyleigh Eubanks is smart all right. It's because her dad is a guitarist. All musicians are smarter than average. But her dad Kevin is really smart since he hangs out with the street smart Jay Lenno. Oh yea... before I forget. I took that tour on 'Mart Island Hawii. It was fun, but next time it's the Big Island to see Carol Burnett's house. Do you know where she lives? Can I just sort of, drop in? When I come back, I'll look at old porn sites, or Dr. Marcus Welby in Canberra. You don't spell Welby W a l s h, silly. Cya TonyGuitar at

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