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An open letter to Fans in Philly

Dear Fans in Philly,

Why are you so mean? Donovan McNabb went to the pro-bowl this year after you all were ready to pull him for the backup QB... Maybe, had you been a little more patient and understanding he would have led the team to victory in the Superbowl instead of once again losing in the NFC Championship?

Now, the Eagles season is over, so let's forget about it and move on... I fact, I never gave a rats behind about the Eagles. Let's talk baseball. The Phillies need your support this season. They have a good shot at winning their division and a World Series isn't out of the question. Now, I realize that you're a 'football' town, but wouldn't you rather be a good 'sports' town. Just FYI, the Phillies were founded in 1883... That was a long as time ago. And the Eagles, you ask... 1933. That's half a century difference, people. I think the Phillies have been a part of the city and of baseball to gather some excitement. So let's rally around them and hopefully Pat Burrel will pull his head out of his anus.

Phillies Phan

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