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An open letter to Mean Email Virus

Dear Mean Email Virus,

I could have been making nookie right now.

But no, you had to come around with your big fancy name (MyDoom-A) and spread your email messages around like wildfire, travelling this way and that, enticing people to click on you just so they can find out what you are. "OOH! OOH! I can't wait to see this message from my friend. Who cares if it's gobbeldy gook. The subject says'Hi!'. It MUST be important."

It is because of you that I could not eat, nor get my afternoon coffee. It is because of you that I've endured many many conversations that started with "Hey...I've got this thing. I think it might be a virus. You want a copy?" "No thank you. I'm sure someone else will call before you hang up offering another."

I could have gone to hard liquor monday.

Ooh..look. An attachment.

Not Drunk Enough


MyDoom-A says...
Keep drinking

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