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An open letter to Adam

Dear Adam,

I understand your feelings.

I know that you'd rather not die, I don't want to. I know you want to live and have fun, so do I. I know you want to create and learn, and I know you have plans for your life - so do I.

But this is a dangerous world we live in. There are people who hate you, they hate you, they hate me, they hate America; they have hated America and every free nation for centuries.

I understand that you do not want to be involved, but unfortuneately you have BEEN involved simply by being an American; American has BEEN involved by those who would see us fall.

Let me be clear: While you sit in front of your computer, Islamic extremists murder people every day. Not our business, you might say - but while you sit in front of your computer writing Open Letters to GW Bush, Islamic Extremists brood over how to destroy us. It is a philosophy, it is a hatered. They have proven that they can and will act against us in whatever way possible, and the only true way to assure any bit of safety here in the U.S.A. is to empower what freedom loving individuals exist in the middle east, which happens to be populated by many of these extremists. Perhaps in 50 or 100 years, if a free society survives over there, children will learn what freedom is, grandchildren will grow up without so much hatered - just maybe, we have a chance at being safer. A slim one, sure. However, it's worth it - especially when you figure in the fact that in doing it, we have saved thousands of people from being murdered by these same extremists.

Al-Queda is not our only enemy. Al-Queda is only one facet of a mentality that believes that freedom produces evil and that we must be judged - and they plan on doing the judging.

This is the real world we live in. This is life. It's not perfect, it's not safe, nor will it ever be. Be thankful we have someone like George W. Bush to stand up for what we do have.

Don't get me wrong, Dubbya ain't perfect by any means - but he's got a plan, and it's not all that bad of a plan. We're securing ourselves and saving others in the process.

"What about all of the soldiers killed?", you might ask. To that I say that every soldier killed is one too many - however, it is an unfortune neccesity that our soldiers die in battle. That's in the job description. Two of my cousins are over there right now, and I wish thier safety and the safety of every one of our soldiers. I must mention, however, that this war has been fought with far fewer casualties than we could have seen. Be greatful it is not 10,000. I think we've done a pretty good job.

"What about all of the innocent iraqi's killed?", some query. My answer: This is a truly unfortuneate part of war. We have fought this war with such percision that the collateral damage is at unheard of lows. Perhaps because we see the war televised, it has more of an impact on us at home. Surely it is not good for a civilian to die - but it becomes inevitable. Our armies are doing the best job any army has ever done at keeping civilian casualties to a minimum - however, you may note, Al-Queda TARGETED 3000 INNOCENT CIVILIANS. War is not a pretty thing, it is not a good thing, but so long as people will move against us, it will be neccesary to keep you and I safe - so that we CAN have fun and enjoy life.

Lastly, I appreciate your opinion, Adam, and I DO understand your concern. I wish only to express mine, and just maybe, to give you a good reason for mine. America is great because we CAN have differing opinions, and I wish to remind everyone that this is the greatest country in the world.


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