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An open letter to Kyleigh Eubanks

Dear Kyleigh Eubanks,

I understand your point of view, and disagree to some extent. Let me explain my thinking, because I am not against capital punishment.

Why don't we make all able criminals work? I know that states have done this, and some still do, having prisioners work on roads or whatnot. But why not have the state make a business of putting criminals to work? Perhaps if we didn't kill any criminals, but forced them to work and to pay for their stay in jail - and perhaps even give the state some more money so states can lower taxes on law abiding citizens.

Federal prisions too, we can turn them all into revenue generating centers.

This solves 3 problems: 1, it turns the prision system from an expense into an income generator. 2, it still keeps the killers off the streets. 3, it gives anyone who might be wrongly convicted a chance, at least to live. I believe there was a very good quote from the movie Fellowship of the Ring - "Many of those who live deserve to die; likewise, many who die deserve to live - can you give them life?" So while death can be an appriate punishment for someone, there is much to be said for mercy. And like i said, if we can make some money to boot, everyone wins.



kyleigh says...
well thanks that you understand but i didnt really understand it but thanks alot that u understand what im trying to say...kyleigh

hijk says...
Sounds like somebody is recycling their term paper or canned debate case...

james says...

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