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An open letter to Psycho Chicks of the World

Dear Psycho Chicks of the World,

Why are you so crazy psycho chick? Why do you pretend to be different people and post messages on websites? Why are you so bitter? Maybe if you weren't so crazy you wouldn't get dumped so often. You make it difficult for all of us sane women to have relationships because you have destroyed all of the men with your lunacy. You need to move on with your life because HE IS NEVER COMING BACK! Why don't you pick up a new hobby psycho chick, like spoobooking, collecting stamps, or homosexuality? Leave our decent men alone before you completely destroy them.

Not A Psycho Chick


Cameron says...
To "not a psycho chick" You sound just as crazy and psycho as your claiming others to be. Get over yourself and get a life. This board is here for a reason. It is called "Open letter." Obviously you wrote an open letter and can't even put your real name. You are yourself crazy and psycho.

Jess says...
You are officially starting to frighten me.

you says...
not a psycho chick is really a dude!

you says...
not a psycho chick is really a dude!

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