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An open letter to FOX

Dear FOX,

Hey FOX,

I am your typical opinionated consumer. I hold grudges and make decisions out of spite on a regular basis. Companies look for brand loyalty, well I've got the opposite. It only takes one bad experience to lose my business forever, just ask Blockbuster. I can not-buy and not-watch the hell out of things if I want to.

Which brings us to American Idol. Ever since the show came out, it didn't take a single viewing to know that I hated it. I hated the show, I hated the winners of the show (even though I secretly liked Kelly), and further, I hated the people who liked your show. Let's just say the cards were stacked against you.

Up until a month ago, I was ready to ignorantly carry this spiteful attitude forward. But, with all of my fierce opinions, I will add that I am willing to admit when I am wrong. Let's not get into the reasons, but suffice it to say: I am now an American Idol fan. I find myself looking forward to Tuesday, and relieved that there will be another show coming just 24 hours after that. I'm a part of your so-called cultural phenomenon now, it happened with Survivor, and it's happened with you. Next thing you know I'll start watching those roller-skating-with-the-"stars" shows...

So kudos, FOX, you've done the impossible. Now if you can only do something about Thom Brenneman and Steve Lyons.


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