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An open letter to Abercrombie and Fitch and anybody in the world that torments others

Dear Abercrombie and Fitch and anybody in the world that torments others,

I would just like to say to you, thank you for the contribution you helped make in ruining my life. I have definately had some struggles in my life, and you did not help. Last year, I was getting used to my father living with me again (he did not live with me for a few years), getting over being physically and sexually abused by a former acquaintence, and at the same time, my dominant arm was crippled because of arthritis. In my head, I was literally haunted by all of this, while trying to put back all the pieces of my life. Naturally, the rich kids in school (all Abercrombie "preps") made fun of how depressed and withdrawn I was over all of this. They would ridicule and ostracise me even more because I did not own your overpriced garments. They would call me a goth and a loser because I shopped at Aeropostale, PacSun, and T.J. Maxx. This made me a bit anti-Abercrombie, because I did not want to conform with these spoiled, sheltered, conceited people. I was even told on a few occasions that I had to be poor if I chose not to wear Abercrombie, let alone if I afford it. To this day, I associate Abercrombie with materialistic, carbon-copy, sheltered teenage girls. And to you girls, I would like to say, you never know what may break a person. If they act withdrawn and depressed, they may just crave attention, or something much worse may have occured under the surface. Just think for a minute-who said it was so easy to put back all the pieces when you have been to hell and back while others are tormenting you simultaneously, let alone just get your life back on track?

Person unhappy with the misery Abercrombie and catty teenage girls brought in their life

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