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An open letter to A

Dear A,

writing an anonymous letter and that too in this big cyber world where there isn't any possibility that you might ever come across this is, foolishness. but i am still doing this. because i need to vent out. i never got the opportunity or maybe i should say, i never gave myself the opportunity to just say on your face all the pent- up words i have inside of me and even though this medium is not the most appropriate one, i am still doing it.

this 17th October would be the date when we would have completed our 1 year, that is, if we were still together. i am sure its has completely slipped off your mind and why would you even remember!! after all you were the one who made sure we never were together on this date, this year.

you know what hurt me the most when you broke up? not the fact that you did it over text, not the fact that you did not care giving any explanation, not the fact that you said one of the pettiest lies when asked the reason, not even the fact that you kept me standing under the scorching sun for an hour and never turned up..the thing which hurt me most was the fact that you did not even try to find out, at least once, how i was after you left me. if you did not have the guts to call me, you could at least have asked my friends. there was chance i would have done something very stupid with myself and you knew that.. but you chose to cut yourself away from me completely. i sometimes wonder if you even posses a heart! you left me for dead. for days, all i could do was cry! and the night you broke up with me, i felt like i would die. i was choking..i felt suffocated..i could not bring myself to believe YOU, of all people could have done that! you were the first love of my life and i gave my heart and soul to our relationship. i did everything possible to make it work out between us. but your promises, your words were just fake..!!

but guess what, i have moved on. don't ever think you are irreplaceable or just because you left me, i would stop believing on such a wonderful thing like love. i didn't lose anything. because i had nothing to lose. i thought i had your love, but i was mistaken. if there's anybody on the losing side its only you. you lost me, a girl who loved you more than yourself. and just because you never gave value to what you had does not mean anyone else never will. all i can say is i know for sure, i am closer to finding love than you are. i am not a vengeful person. so i would never wish what you did to me, comes back to you. because i know, you are weak. you aren't strong enough to tackle the pain you have given me if that ever happened to you. but what i really wish is don't ever play with anyone else's feelings the way you did with mine. that person might not be as forgiving as me.

your ex-girlfriend

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