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An open letter to dear ex boyfriend

Dear dear ex boyfriend,

i really miss you but its gonna be 2 months since our breakup i know i broke up with you but really i got the hurt the most you said that you loved me now look at where we are right now you barely talked to me i tried to talked to you but it seems you just shut me down i wanted to know if you really loved me becuz i know that i still have feelings for you becuz ive been crying my guts out for those 2 months my heart misses you but my head is telling me to get over you but really you are the first thing i think about in the morning and the last in night you are in my dreams every single time but at the end of the dream you are always with different girlsand in school i see you with this girl you liked for months now but i dont blame you becuz shes really pretty but i was wondering if you could give us another chance becuz there are many guys that really want to be with me but i turned them down because i think that you would ask me out one more time on v-day i know that you would never read this leter but i need to tell you things that i wouldnt have the guts to tell you in person plz understand me and if you and leslie ever go out i would under stand that you dont want to be with me bt i want to be your friend cuz it sucks not having you in my life i cry for you and even our breakup is the day after vday


your ex girlfreind

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