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An open letter to Blinking Cursor

Dear Blinking Cursor,

Please discontinue blinking. While I understand it is a natural part of who you are, I must request that you stop.

Before refusing, allow me to explain. When you blink, it reminds me that I am not typing. You may not actually be demanding words, but it feels as though you are. I appreciate that you may view this as always being ready when I am ready. To me, it does not feel this way.

I would tell you to go away completely, but I'm not sure if that is possible. Plus, then I would not know where I am. There is likely no way for you to go unhurt by this letter. Please realize that it is a testament to your helpful nature that you aid me in determining my place.

But the blinking is disturbing. The blinking goes beyond help, and becomes intrusive. I feel like more is expected of me than I can give. Please understand, please accept. And if you have it in your heart, please stop blinking.



Nitesh says...

ofey says...
Brilliant! So how do you stop it?

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