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An open letter to People of my Homeland

Dear People of my Homeland,

Let me first make this point: you deserve brightness. Just because I have moved from the great land of California does not mean I have lost track of everyone's right to the eerie yellow glow that can only come from a porch lamp.

We are experiencing what many have dubbed an "energy crisis." This means there is not enough electricity to power the entire state at its current level of consumption.

Allow me to point out a not-so-obvious fact. Unless consumption decreases, the crisis will not go away.

The government says that it may have to begin rolling blackouts. That is where portions of a power grid are turned off for a few hours at a time. This is a common practice in third world countries. Don't let California become a third world country! There are some things you can do to help.

Take down your Christmas tree. For Godsakes, it's almost April.

Turn off your computer and stop shopping Online. Instead, drive your car to the big 24-hour store with the huge neon sign.

Quit blow-drying your hair. You're probably damaging it anyway.

Your refrigerator is on all the time. Replace its power-sucking light bulb with a flashlight. Flashlights don't use electricity--they use battery.

Turn off the lights in your swimming pool between takes of your amateur porn flick.

Only charge your cell phones in your car. While this saves only a small amount of energy, if California's 30 million people did this with each of their 70 million cell phones, that could solve the crisis on its own.

Show that it's someone else's fault. At least you'll feel better knowing there is nothing you can do.

Or, move to Oregon. I did.



degeneration X says...
well, I have 3 reasons why i disagree with that: A, there is a bigger crisis of gasoline than electricity, and dirving your car to the mall is worse than shopping online. 2, batteries dont come from batterie trees numb nuts...they also use the same electricy that a small light in the fridge would use, if not more. 3, not many people know this but it is very true, using a cell phone charger in the car jolts the car battery which will cost the consumer much more money after replaceing the car bettery twice as often 3, there is no reason you should complain about lack of electricy for a few hours a day...just buy a generator with all the money you save from not buying so many flashlight of car batteries i bought a generator, it works great

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