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An open letter to Big Mean Bank

Dear Big Mean Bank,

You are mean. Thanks to little people like me, you have lots of money. Yet, you impose mean practices and charge me multiple times for the same mistake. Have you not heard of Double Jeopary, meanie?

Many banks offer free checking. I have been a customer since 1995, I have rejected these other banks as they make these offers. Yet, you still charge me $5.95 per month just for the priviledge of having you keep track of my money. Why don't I switch? Honestly, the account number with you is too easy to remember. I bet you did this on purpose, you cruel devil.

One time I spent more money than was in my account. Thanks to that monthly fee, you kindly cover the balance for me. This is called "overdraft protection." Then, you charge my checking account another ten bucks... and another twenty dollars is charged to my credit card. This is in addition to the balance, not to mention the monthly fee. By my best logic, it sounds like you're quadruple charging me, you evil bank.

Yet, like a battered lover, I stay with you. There are three branches within walking distance of my home--how can I beat this? If I go on vacation, you're there. You are everywhere. You Big Mean Bank.



TonyGuitar says...
Hello Adam, What a perfect illustration of Corporate larceny. It' spreading to communications Corporations too, I'm sure you are aware. I have concrete examples settled in my favour with the help of the Ministry of consumer affairs so I can safely mention names. Tuelus and Rogers/AT&T. Stoies later, but to continue with your banking theme. I keep a small fund in a nearby branch of one of Canada's major five government advantaged banks. I wrote a cheque for $30 when the balance was about #34. The same day the cheque was cashed, the bank took out a service fee. The cheque bounced and the bank fee for that was THIRTY dollars. The deficiency was about $2.00. Not a bad windfall profit for a $2.00 loan. Another thing. The current interest rate is about 3 to 4 percent, yet my two gas station cards charge 24%. I forget which stores charge 28%, but some charge 28% interest in these low interest times. Amazing how the public seems apathetic. The highest interest I pay on a c ard other than gas card, is nine point something percent. You will enjoy the correct big banks drive at and I have a letters to govt. bank at 73s OM, I'll be back often

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